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At FTx Identity, we are building the new era of age and identity verification and
AML technologies leveraging machine learning and informed AI to help a variety of industries.

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Our goal is to help businesses increase revenue, deliver a quick and seamless
customer experience, and prevent fraud while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Age verification for retail - customer shopping

Retail and Ecommerce

With a quick and easy age checker tools, you can decrease checkout abandonment and achieve higher conversion rates. Learn more about how Ecommerce websites verify age online.

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Tobacco and cigar shop age verification technology

Tobacco & Cigars

Streamline the checkout process, prevent the sale of tobacco-related products to minors, and maintain the privacy of your customers.

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ID verification for CBD shops


Reduce long waiting lines, attract more customers, and maintain compliance with our speedy age verification process.

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Liquor industry ID and age verification service online


Eliminate the risk of selling liquor to minors, prevent any friction, and perform transactions with confidence knowing that customers have been fully verified and their information is protected.

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Online ID verification for lotto and gambling

Gaming & Lottery

Raise the number of players you approve for online lotteries and gaming while helping your business maintain compliance, prevent fraud, and protect your users.

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Insurance industry ID verification solutions


Minimize the registration time, securely process insurance applications and claims, and stop identity fraud and falsified claims.

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ID verification for CBD and cannabis dispensaries


You can sell your products worry-free and experience a quick, trouble-free age verification process while still following all regulations.

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Banking and finance identity verification solutions


Accelerate the processes of account opening, loan origination, and credit application and ensure the security of credit card payments, mobile deposit approvals, wire transfers, and money remittances.

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Identity verification for convenience stores

Convenience Stores

Experience a smooth checkout process while preventing the sale of age-restricted items to minors and adhering to regulations.

Digital age verification for nightclubs and bars - friends cheersing

Bars & Clubs

Preserve the privacy of your customers, stop fake IDs from slipping through your doors, and provide your customers with a quick and simple verification process.

Age verification solutions for tattoo shops

Tattoo/Piercing Shops

Maintain compliance with laws and diminish the risk of providing services to minors with our simple and quick age verification process.

Identity verification for fintech industry


Ensure the security of financial transactions, provide a smooth onboarding experience, and increase sign-ups. Learn about how identity verification in fintech works.

ID scanning for grocery stores


Speed up the identity and age verification process, enhance customer retention and purchases, and shorten wait times.

Healthcare patient identification verification


Verify patients fast, accurately, and legally; securely distribute test results; preserve the confidentiality of patient information; detect insurance fraud; and prevent the selling of medications to minors.

Customer ID verification in fitness industry


Eliminate the risk of membership identity theft and accidentally signing up a minor to join your gym.

Crypto customer ID verification service


Authorize buy/sell limits; keep currency moving quickly to satisfy regulatory obligations; and deliver a frictionless user experience by accurately confirming authentic customers and locking out suspicious activity.

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.