Online Transaction Cost
Customer Registration Cost $3.00 One-time verification charge
Online Verification For Verified Members $0.25
Online Verification For Non-Verified Members $0.75
Age & Identity Verification
Allow customers to easily verify age and identity via a mobile app, online or in-store.
Data Extraction
Process data from ID documents using OCR data extraction. Use OCR data in KYC and compliance record-keeping.
Proof of Verification
Maintain records of your age verification activities. See helpful analytics in the back office.
AI-Based Verification
Experience higher rates of verification accuracy and avoid false positives, thanks to AI and machine learning tools.
Identity Scan Solutions
Give customers a secure, non-intrusive method for ID scanning and ensure better document validation for KYC compliance.
Biometric Authentication
Use 3D liveness detection and selfie facial recognition to ensure customers are who they say they are.
Online Ecommerce Verification
Integrate age checking tools into ecommerce check-outs to sell age-restricted products online legally.
Viewable Customer Shopping Patterns (coming soon)
Gather customer transaction data from app users to deliver personalized offers, coupons, and promotions.
Customer Mobile App & Website
Provide customers with a mobile app and web-based portal to perform ID checking and age verification.
EAIV Integration w/ Loyal-n-Save Call for pricing
Hands Free Age-Verification Call for pricing
Customer Identification w/ In-Store Facial Recognition (Coming Soon) Call for pricing
Multi-Store Use For Participating Retailers
Get discounted pricing for multi-store locations and integrate digital age verification into your operation seamlessly.
Point Of Sale Integration
Use our age checking tools with FTx POS for a seamless, customer-friendly checkout process.
Loyalty Rewards Program Integration
Integrate Identity into your Loyal-n-Save program to age verify customers before they step through the doors.
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Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.