Stop Identity Fraud in Its Tracks with FTx Identity

FTx Identity utilizes the power of mobile technology, anti-spoofing liveness confirmation, and biometric matching to authenticate a selfie to speed up customer conversions for your business while also helping you eliminate fraudulent applicants.

Age verification reporting dashboard
Driver's license ID check record keeping

Image Proof

With the power of ID verification with AI, images of each verification step are taken in real-time and archived with timestamps in the back-office.

Image proof provided for each verification

Access to back-office for multiple users

Easily download and delete verification proof

Ability to add additional proof after verification

Proof of Verification

The future of verification is here! FTx Identity has created an innovative way to provide transparency and evidentiary value with a futuristic AI-automated identity verification process.

Produce High-Quality, Thorough Reports
Utilizing Verification Data and Logs

For a full examination, FTx Identity’s AI solution for ID verification provides detailed reports of your customers with complete verification data and logs. These reports can be downloaded for recordkeeping or viewed anytime via the back-office. The back-office of FTx Identity offers you access to all of the customer data gathered during the verification process.


Verification Documents


Confirmed Details Of The Identity Documents

Confirmed details of the identity documents

Information Regarding A Fuzzy Match

Information regarding a fuzzy match

Complete Geolocation Data

Complete geolocation data

Proof of Service

Whether it be verifying an address or identity, we will provide all verification proof so you can keep track of all verifications performed. You will be rest assured that your business will stay safe—that’s our promise!

Proof Of Address Verification

Proof of
address verification

Proof Of Age Verification

Proof of
age verification

Proof Of Id Document Verification

Proof of ID
consent verification

Proof Of Age Verification

Proof of
ID document verification

Why You Need Verification Proof

Real-time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

By using our AI-powered identity verification solution, clients can easily view real-time verification results with declined reasons in case verification fails.

Precise Results

Precise Results

Get all the details on your customer with a detailed downloadable report that includes verification results, geolocation data, and image proof.

Prompt Action

Prompt Action

Clients can now effortlessly build their cases regarding why a customer was denied service with visual proofs.

Biometric Authentication
for Remote ID Proofing

Proof of Verification account details page in FTx Identity

Post-Verification Proofs

FTx Identity provides clients the option to request additional post-verification identity proofs from their end-users within a certain time limit set by the client. The uploaded proofs by the users go directly into the back-office. The client can view these proofs manually and choose to accept or reject them. By integrating the practice of post-verification proofs, it helps our clients develop a detailed profile of their customer. All the information they might need for customer onboarding will be preserved in the back-office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of verification in the store remains for 7 years by default.
In the back-office, view reports with the monthly number of verification attempts per tenant, with the ability to expand to the number per store, and show drilldowns of specific attempts.
IDAnalyzer passes us information on the document, such as whether it passes verification or not.
In cases where verifications fail, manual approval is available. Outside of this, a customer can attempt verification as many times as they would like, as not all Identity profiles are linked with a customer FTx Core account.
Failures will show in the report mentioned above.