Better ID Proofing with AI Verification Tools

Built using the latest AI identity verification technology, FTx Identity ensures the highest level of accuracy.

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The Future of AI Verification
and Validation

AI verification and validation is the future of ID proofing. Our AI tools like facial recognition, 3D liveness detection, and biometrics enhance digital ID validation and help to stop identity fraud in its tracks. Leverage the power of AI in your ID and age checking process, and protect your business from the latest identity fraud threats.

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Why Enterprises Are Struggling
with Identity Management

The primary enterprise stress of those operating in regulated industries such as banking, finance, Ecommerce, gaming, and healthcare is driven by the need to solve and manage digital enrollment. It is required by these businesses that they make sure that their customers are who they say they are and demonstrate compliance with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) rules.

Customers may experience friction as a result of the necessary identity management, which may negatively affect the business units (BU) tasked with increasing sales through the acquisition of new customers and offering customer service while simultaneously safeguarding customers from identity and financial theft, fraud, and loss of private information. Additionally, these same customer protection solutions may have a detrimental influence on the customer experience, leading to customer drop-off and revenue loss as a result of existing and new customers switching to competitors that offer greater digital workflows and customer experiences.

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Build a Better Validation Process with AI Verification Tools

Based on AI, FTx Identity offers a frictionless digital age verification process. Our platform uses AI tools like 3D liveness detection, proprietary and complementary authenticators, and a real-time decision engine (built on automated microservices and API-based cloud platform). The result is the best user experience for customers and employees.

AI Verification

Visualizaiton of AI facial scanning for identity verification

Depending on the circumstances, artificial intelligence has many definitions, effects, and upsides. Since AI is such a diverse species of technology, different industries have varying interpretations of what it entails. Here, we examine how AI is improving ID verification and what to expect from it.

A new customer submits a passport, government-issued ID, and proof of address for verification. In the absence of AI validation tools, these documents would need to be reviewed by a human. This process is time-consuming and less accurate.

AI ID verification offers an effective solution. Document verification with AI becomes automated. Documents are uploaded via a website or app, the evaluation process takes place instantly, and the likelihood of error is small. As a result, customers no longer have to wait so long for their accounts to be approved, resulting in a lift in customer experience.

AI monitors risk in real-time. After the customer is onboarded, their behavior, risk level, and eligibility are continually evaluated. Doing this manually is a near impossibility. With AI validation, disorganized data can be used to develop risk profiles. The KYC and compliance teams no longer are burdened with these tasks; AI builds models for managing risk-based decisions.

KYC and ID verification are processes that have several steps. Each of these stages must be completed, and they must be done in the exact order prescribed. If you are not making their lives easier during these processes, there is a genuine possibility that you will lose potential customers, given that people want things done promptly and have an abundance of options and alternatives. In an ideal scenario, customers would want to rapidly complete this process, move onto the next step, and then, after a short while, be on the other side of it.

Artificial intelligence streamlines the entire verification process from beginning to end while increasing the efficiency of each phase. Users go seamlessly from one stage to the next, lowering the likelihood that they will switch to another provider. AI is integrating the process and making it flow, from OCR (optical character recognition) inspections and 3D liveness detection to acquiring personal information.

AI verification software reduces KYC and ID verification costs. While the costs involved with these processes may not be visible to the naked eye, there are many factors at play. The following is a breakdown of the key elements that make up the entire KYC cost:

  • The salary and compensation of the compliance teams responsible for monitoring the process and examining documents
  • The cost of outsourcing or building the required technologies for completing KYC and identity verification
  • The revenue lost as a result of potential customers quitting or switching providers as a result of an inadequate onboarding process
  • The regulatory penalties connected to a poor verification process
  • The damage to one’s reputation and the loss of customer trust brought on by security-related events like personal data breaches

Safer, More Efficient ID Verification with AI

Using our innovative technology, we provide you with a fraud-free experience and the best possible ID verification.

Get to Know Our AI Validation Tools

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

Prevent the use of accounts that were stolen, sold, or otherwise accessed in violation of your company’s terms of service.

Precision In Authentication

Precision in Authentication

With unique artificial intelligence models for each type of document, the improved artificial intelligence makes document authentication extremely accurate.

Rapid Verification

Rapid Verification

Technology-advanced artificial intelligence algorithms from FTx Identity quickly and seamlessly onboard your customers by verifying their identities.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Enhanced artificial intelligence is based on models that have been trained on real data, so they can provide you with an accurate verification solution rather than merely performing on paper, and these models improve in accuracy with each verification that is carried out.

A Safer, More Effective Verification Process

To guarantee that every verification is as precise as possible, FTx Identity offers a multi-layered model.

Use Cases

Sell age-restricted products with ease and be sure that your business is operating efficiently and effectively without the risk of selling to minors.

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Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

You take a photo of your ID, and our data extraction tools capture the information. We match all customer-end data to their government-issued ID, verify with a front and back view that this government ID is valid, and gather a live selfie image of the user. We then compare all the data and direct the user to the next step, which questions them in public databases and allows them to either enter an OTP (one-time password) sent to their mobile number or email address used to sign up if it is in the public database, or by selecting the correct recorded address that corresponds to them.

AI verification uses advanced technologies to provide accuracy where human error is common. This can be when checking ID documents, such as a driver’s license or passport, especially in high-traffic areas where staff may need to verify multiple IDs at once.

Yes, AI verification provides an extra layer of security in your KYC and AML processes by checking for any chances that documents can be forged, faked, or edited. In addition, biometrics check that the person being verified matches the ID documents with AI facial recognition algorithms. When the person is not physically present, AI verification can provide additional visual facial matching (virtual healthcare, remote employment, online loan applications).