Frictionless Online ID Scanning and Verification

Provide better customer experiences with online ID scanning and age verification from FTx Identity. Our secure platform simplifies the ID verification process for you and your customers.

ID scanning with selfie detection in FTx Identity app

Digital ID Scanning Solutions

Verify customers’ identity in the mobile app to pre-verify and save time at checkout.

It is widely acknowledged that people in the modern world heavily rely on their phones and other mobile devices to carry out daily tasks, particularly those that require sensitive information, such as opening new online accounts, validating various documents, and retrieving personal information and data. Additionally, there is always the worry of identity theft when customers are asked to provide private information (such social security numbers) or allow access to their credit reports from reputable credit bureaus.
Identity theft is a widespread problem that has an effect on all areas of life. FTx Identity has created solutions that simplify the application process while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and lowering the friction and risk associated with sharing sensitive information when a customer registers up for a new account or service.
International solutions for capturing and authenticating ID papers are offered by FTx Identity. All your customers need to do is snap a photo of their passport, driver's license, or other form of identity, and FTx Identity takes it from there.
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Multi-Step ID Verification for Superior Accuracy

Authenticate ID documents, match facial characteristics, and prove identity with our cutting-edge online ID scanner.

Selfie ID verification
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Reduce Friction and Identity Theft

Give customers a secure, non-intrusive method to verify ID documents so they can instantly be approved for new credit cards, bank accounts, and other service accounts.

Fingerprint scan icon

AI-Based Authentication

Include additional document forensics that examine the given document for indications of any fraud or tampering activity.

Facial scan icon

Facial Matching

Get the most accurate ID verification with AI-based selfie and ID photo matching – prevent identity fraud from happening.

ID document scanning in FTx Identity

Document Validation
With FTx Identity

Automated ID verification eliminates time-consuming, manual Know Your Customer procedures. Improve customer onboarding time, increase customer conversions, and eliminate drop-offs.

ID Scanning Solutions for All Industries

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Core API

ID document data extraction and validation web API supporting over 180 countries.

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Easy ID Assessment Tool

Quick plug-and-play user verification for mobile apps and websites.

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An ID information database designed to tightly preserve the information of your customers.

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Top-Quality ID Scanner

On-premise ID document validation technology to scan and confirm international ID documents.

Easy Implementation

You get FTx Identity’s identity verification and authentication technology up and running in a matter of minutes or just a few days without having to worry about upfront costs, depending on the solutions and delivery methods you choose. Web portal access, API integration, and batch uploads are examples of potential methods.

Flexible, On-Demand Configuration

Being able to quickly adapt to the continuously shifting fraud climate is essential since identity thieves try new identity theft scams every day. Because of this, FTx Identity provides simple-to-use, fully customized technology for handling personal information verification with integrated checks to help assure identity theft protection. With FTx Identity’s innovative, on-demand age verification scanner and authentication technology, you may update the rules and settings in the system whenever you want, 24/7.

Use Cases

Sell age-restricted products with ease and be sure that your business is operating efficiently and effectively without the risk of selling to minors.

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Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

United States only, all 50 states.
We match all customer-end data to their government-issued ID, verify with a front and back view that this government ID is valid, and gather a live selfie image of the user. We then compare all the data and direct the user to the next step, which questions them in public databases and allows them to either enter an OTP (one-time password) sent to their mobile number or email address used to sign up if it is in the public database, or by selecting the correct recorded address that corresponds to them.
Information such as the birthdate and expiration date will be passed for age verification. Outside of this, all ID information will be stored on FTx Identity, and only what is required will be shared.
100%, as we fully verify against the user’s entered data.