Utilize Our Age and Identity Verification Process to Easily Confirm Identity While Maintaining Compliance

Even though business regulations are complicated and always changing, FTx Identity’s age verification tool can make staying in compliance with them easier.

ID Verification Solution
Age Verification Solutions Using FTx Identity

Age Verification Using FTx Identity

FTx Identity’s age verification system was designed especially for age-restricted businesses that cater to lotteries, online gambling, liquor, tobacco, and e-cigarettes, to mention a few, and are required to follow legal guidelines. By checking users’ ages and their identity documents, the FTx Identity platform prevents underage users from accessing digital channels.

An Age Verification Process You Can Trust

You can be sure of the age of your customers thanks to FTx Identity, which combines AI technology, liveness anti-spoofing, and document authenticity checks.

Various government-issued identification documents, such as various types of driver’s licenses, passports, and identification cards, are accepted by the FTx Identity platform from over 180 different countries
Using the easy-to-use FTx Identity app on their phone, users can quickly and easily confirm their age
Users use the camera on their phone to take a biometric selfie while scanning their ID, which we then compare to their ID using an automated procedure
We cross-check your customer’s information against a sizable, government-approved database to ensure its accuracy

Don’t Let Fraud Hurt Your Business

Make sure that real customers are being onboarded in real-time by your business. FTx Identity is committed to combating fraud at its source. Customers that meet your age requirements can be quickly identified by FTx Identity, which also actively combats all forms of fraud.

Image Capture in Real Time

Image Capture in Real Time

With real-time image capturing, you can verify the authenticity of documents and individuals and understand context beyond just the images themselves

Continuous Verification with Biometric Authentication

Continuous Verification with Biometric Authentication

The user only needs to take a selfie to verify their identity for future purchases, and we will take care of the rest to make sure they are who they claim to be when they return to your platform

Preventing Bad Actors from Entering Your Store

Preventing Bad Actors from Entering Your Store

The data provided by the customer is compared to what is on file from sources that have obtained government approval using FTx Identity’s AI-based multi-stage verification technology

Use Cases

Sell age-restricted products with ease and be sure that your business is operating efficiently and effectively without the risk of selling to minors.

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Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

AVT is handled in-store by scanning the ID when the FTx Identity account is created. EAIV is currently unavailable in-store. It is a planned feature for the future.
AVT verification is all that is needed to trigger EAIV permissions in FTx Identity.
Currently, we provide verifications for the United States only, in all 50 states. 
Yes, for retailers using FTx POS (FasTrax POS) for their point of sale, QR code age verification is fully integrated. QueLine is planned for future updates.
Once the process is started, it takes between 5 and 10 minutes. This accounts for time for mishaps and reading instructions. 
We match all customer-end data to their government-issued ID, verify with a front and back view that this government ID is valid, and gather a live selfie image of the user. We then compare all the data and direct the user to the next step, which questions them in public databases and allows them to either enter an OTP (one-time password) sent to their mobile number or email address used to sign up if it is in the public database, or by selecting the correct recorded address that corresponds to them.