Age Verification for Tobacco Shops

Speed up checkouts, minimize friction, and stay compliant with FTx Identity’s digital age verification solution for tobacco purchases.

Age Verification Solution for Tobacco Stores
Age Verification Software for Tobacco and Cigar shops

Fast Age Verification Process

Handling age verification for smoke shops can be a hassle, especially for online shoppers. Want an easier way? Check out FTx Identity’s age verification software for tobacco and cigar shops. Attract more customers effortlessly!

Reduce Business Risks and Keep Customer Data Safe

Our age verification for tobacco shops and cigar shops will protect your customers’ privacy and ensure your business complies with all laws. Rest easy knowing your business is covered!

Identity Verification to Spot Fake IDs

Keep Fake IDs Out of Your Tobacco Store

In the tobacco industry, fake IDs are a big problem. Here at FTx Identity, we offer top-notch age verification technology for online tobacco sales to spot fake IDs.

Transforming Age Verification and Identity Management in Tobacco Stores

Are you struggling to set up a simple verification process in your smoke shop? Look no further than FTx Identity! Dealing with long lines can be a hassle for customers just looking to grab their smokes and go. Our super modern age verification system allows your customers to create digital ID cards that they can use at checkout. It’s cost-effective and user-friendly, no need for physical IDs – just the customer’s phone will do the trick!


Get Instant Verification


Documents Covered


Verified on the First Try


Languages Supported

Real-time Age Verification for Tobacco Websites

Scan, Verify, and Sell with Digital Verification

You can quickly check your customer's ID and age in seconds! Real-time age verification for vape websites and online smoke shops speeds up sales. Customers save time, and you boost customer service levels and earnings.

Stop Underage Sales

Stop Underage Sales

FTx Identity helps tobacco retailers stop fake IDs, even those crafted by expert fraudsters. With FTx Identity, you and your business are protected from stringent state regulations that prevent selling age-restricted items to minors.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Be the tobacco store with the most efficient age verification system that customers rave about. Word-of-mouth marketing is key for business growth. Thanks to FTx Identity, your reputation for speed will soar. Customers won't need to share physical IDs for age verification, boosting your brand's image.

Online Age Verification for Tobacco Sales

Sell Tobacco Online or In-Store

Your customers get verified in-app, and then they’re free to shop in-store or online. No need for delivery services to check IDs. Your customers will be pre-verified in the FTx Identity app, allowing you to sell online or off easily.

Beyond Age Verification with Deep Data Analysis

Beyond Age Verification with Deep Data Analysis

FTx Identity is the best choice for brick-and-mortar and online tobacco store identity verification. FTx Identity’s fully secured AI-based verification software uses technologies like deep data analysis, so you can offer the next level of user experience and increase your revenue.

Verify Identity for Loyalty Programs

Verify Identity for Loyalty Programs

Add age verification to your loyalty program and qualify for scan data incentives. Age verification processes can help tobacco retailers qualify for top-tier scan data incentives. And with FTx Identity, it’s simple to perform EAIV for Altria’s Tier 3 requirements.

User-Friendly, Cloud-Based Tobacco Age Verification

Age verification solutions for tobacco stores are super convenient for modern businesses. The data is kept safe in a digital vault, all encrypted, and only the end-user has access to it.

Cloud-Based Age Verification Solutions for Tobacco Stores

Keep Up With The Regulations Of Your Industry

FTx Identity enhances your age verification process, easily fulfilling your legal requirements, no matter the country or business field

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to various regulations, tobacco and cigar shops may encounter challenges in selling their products. Nevertheless, there are strategies available to navigate these obstacles.

Typically, cigarettes and similar items are restricted, while premium cigars, loose tobacco (like pipe and hookah tobacco), and related accessories may be permissible for sale. It is crucial to be well-versed in both federal and state regulations in the location of your business and where you intend to ship items.

Plus, it’s crucial not to sell age-restricted items to minors online. This really highlights the need for a strong age verification system.
Without a strong age verification process in place, verifying an individual’s age online can be tricky. This is primarily due to the risk of minors using fake IDs or adult information to bypass online sales controls.

Tobacco sales are subject to various regulations in different states and localities. Online businesses face a significant challenge in staying compliant with these laws for the regions they serve, ensuring they meet all the necessary requirements.
It offers several benefits for businesses that deal with age-restricted products, including the following:

Enhanced Accuracy and Less Errors
With advanced scanning tech, businesses can simplify their processes and lessen the need for manual ID checks. This innovation helps cut down on errors, boosts efficiency, and improves accuracy in verifying individuals’ ages.

Speedier Transactions
ID scanners speed up verifications a lot compared to old manual checks. This cool tech upgrade cuts down wait times for customers, making businesses run smoother overall.

Increased Compliance
By using an age verification ID scanner, you can steer clear of hefty fines and the risk of license suspensions linked to selling to minors.

Stronger Security
ID scanners for age verification possess advanced capabilities to identify fake IDs by detecting inconsistencies and signs of tampering.
Ensuring a trustworthy age verification service is seamlessly integrated into your website is crucial for maintaining customer trust and compliance with regulations. By offering a smooth and efficient verification process, you can prevent customer frustration and enhance their shopping experience.

Additionally, prominently featuring an age gate at the beginning of the shopping journey and clearly stating the age requirement for tobacco purchases are important steps that demonstrate your commitment to regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.