User-Friendly Age Verification Software for CBD Shops

Make checking IDs easier in your hemp or CBD shop with digital ID verification software from FTx Identity. Sell online or in-store with app-based ID checking and protect your business.

Verify IDs Faster

CBD shops need fast, reliable, and compliant digital ID verification. Customer-friendly ID checks allow you to sell more and put your customers at ease. With FTx Identity, your CBD shop’s customers can make digital ID wallets, which they can use in-store or online.

Protect Your Business with Age Verification Software for CBD Sellers

Built with best-in-class encryption, our CBD age verification solutions protect customer privacy and your reputation.

Catch Fake IDs in Your CBD Shop

Fake IDs are a constant threat to CBD sellers. But with advanced age checking software, you greatly reduce the risk. FTx Identity automates checks and verifies IDs almost instantly.

Age Verification Made Easy

Allow your customers to get pre-verified before shopping. Reduce wait times and establish buy online, pickup instore protocols. With FTx Identity, you can build a faster shopping experience that your customers will love.


Get Instant Verification


Documents Covered


Verified on the First Try


Languages Supported

Real-Time ID Verifications

Speeding up checkouts and ID checks in your CBD shop can grow revenue. Customers spend more time shopping and less time waiting in line. Get instant verifications in just 6 seconds.

Prevents Under-Age Sale

CBD age checking software greatly reduces your risk for underage sale. First, our platform weeds out and prevents fake IDs. But also, with ID verification analytics, you can confirm your employees are following ID checking best-practices.

Better Customer Experiences

Create an in-store shopping experience your customers will love. Simplified ID verification for CBD purchases differentiates your brand and maximizes customer convenience.

Sell CBD Online

Allow customers to build digital IDs that they can use for online checkouts. Offer in-store pickup or delivery online and grow your selling presence across multiple channels.

Advanced Age Checking

FTx Identity goes beyond simple ID scanning for CBD shops. Our software includes location-detection and fraud alerting systems to prevent presentation attacks.

Integrate Loyalty Software

Connect FTx Identity with your CBD loyalty rewards software. This allows you to check ages for rewards subscribers and qualify for industry incentives (that may require age-verification for qualification).

The Best Age Checking Software for CBD Stores

FTx Identity’s easy-to-integrate age verification software is a winner for CBD stores. Build your ideal ID verification process today.

Keep Up With The Regulations Of Your Industry

FTx Identity enhances your age verification process, easily fulfilling your legal requirements, no matter the country or business field

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most regions, CBD products are age-restricted. Implementing age verification software helps ensure you comply with these regulations. It minimizes the risk of accidentally selling CBD to underage customers, protecting your business from potential fines and legal issues.
There are two main methods:
  • Automated verification: This system checks the customer’s name and address against public databases (with the customer’s consent) to verify their age.
  • Manual verification with ID check: If automated verification fails, the software may prompt the customer to upload a picture of their government-issued ID for manual verification by you or the software.
The software typically collects minimal information for age verification. This might include name, date of birth, and sometimes address. Some systems may pre-fill some information based on the customer’s payment details (with their consent).
Look for software that prioritizes data security. This includes features like
  • Secure data storage with encryption
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)
  • Clear data retention policies