Seamless Age Verification for Online Gaming

Don’t stress about compliance risks! FTx Identity’s online gaming age verification app offers a swift and secure verification process for players eager to jump into the game!

Age Verification Solutions for Online Gaming
Gaming (ID) Identity Verification

Compliance and Conversion Has Never Been Easier

Cut down on the hassle of processing identity verifications in your KYC/AML process. Build trust with gamers while making gaming ID verification a breeze with added steps like AI facial recognition and biometric scanning through our app!

Effortless and Secure Facial Recognition Process

Verify players faster than they can say “Royal Flush” with FTx Identity’s facial recognition magic. Speed up KYC and keep the game rolling!
Online Gaming Age Verification

Say No to Financial Crime

Stay ahead of the game and avoid those costly non-compliance fees for your business with our age verification solution for online gambling.

FTx Identity’s Role in Age Verification for Online Gaming

With our user-friendly app, you can approve more customers for online lotteries and gaming. It keeps your business in line and fraud at bay, all while offering gamers a safe and quick verification process.


Get Instant Verification


Documents Covered


Verified on the First Try


Languages Supported

Identity Verification for Gaming

Identity Verification

Verifying a gamer’s age and identity is like leveling up in the game of regulatory compliance! Our platform's got the high score with advanced ID scanning and document verification protocols.

Combat Fraud

Combat Fraud

In online gaming and the lottery, keep the scammers out and give a warm welcome to the honest players. Our app cuts down on fraud with liveness checks and biometric authentication.

Maintain Trust

Maintain Trust

By offering new players FTx Identity’s speedy and secure digital identity verification process for gaming, you can welcome them onboard while ensuring their money and personal information are safe.

Live Selfie Verification for Online Gaming

Verification Made a Breeze

Gamers can prove their age and identity in a snap! All they need to do is snap a live selfie and have it compared against the photo on their ID. Then, they’re all set to hit that “Play” button!

Gamers Data Protection

Ensure Gamers’ Data Is Protected

Their data sits in a cloud-based, secured digital vault in encrypted form. Only the casino goers can access their personal profiles. No sharing of data with unknown parties happens without their consent.

Easy Signing Up

Make Signing Up a Piece of Cake!

Get more players on board by making the sign-up process easier on your platform. You can use FTx Identity's SDK to make age verification smoother.

Experience Online Gambling Age Verification with FTx Identity

FTx Identity offers identity verification solutions that adjust smoothly and protect your workflow effectively. You can quickly verify identities to speed up account creation, dodge risks, and cut down on operational costs!
Online Gambling Age Verification

Keep Up With The Regulations Of Your Industry

FTx Identity enhances your age verification process, easily fulfilling your legal requirements, no matter the country or business field

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Failing to verify age can lead to significant fines or license revocation for violating gambling and age restriction laws.

Moreover, without age verification, children may encounter inappropriate content and face financial risks from gambling or in-game transactions.

Strict verification might push away customers, while weak checks can let minors sneak through the system. When it comes to verifying age online, it’s crucial to have strong methods in place to stop fraud and identity theft.

That said, it’s key to choose a verification solution that’s super effective and user-friendly. This way, users can feel confident about their information being safe and find the verification process easy to handle.

Incorporating seamless verification steps into the registration or login process not only enhances user-friendliness but also streamlines the age verification process, ensuring a smoother experience for users interacting with your platform.

It’s crucial to stay updated on any new regulations and use top practices for age verification. Don’t forget to explore various verification methods, such as ID checks and data verification, to boost security. Also, look for solutions that focus on user data privacy while meeting verification needs.