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Insurance agents and businesses offer more services online. Identity verification software is a necessary tool for understanding who your customers are and keeping fraud at bay. With FTx Identity, quickly and safely give the thumbs up to insurance applications and claims with advanced insurance identity verification software.

Insurance Identity Verification
Digital ID Verification for Insurance

Faster, Efficient, and Reliable Customer Checks

Verify Identity and Address with Our ID Verification Software for Insurance Sellers

Identity Verification for Insurance Companies

Quick and Easy Identity Verification for Insurance Companies

Insurance Identity Verification: How FTx Identity Can Help

No matter what insurance you offer, FTx Identity has you covered. From speeding up claim processing to giving more applications the thumbs up, our platform helps you collect and verify the data you need – safely and efficiently.


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Cut Down on Administrative Costs

Cut Down on Administrative Costs

With FTx Identity's top-notch verification technology, you can spot and stop fraudsters in their tracks early on. This means you can spend more time with your real customers instead of chasing down fraudulent claims. Forget about wasting time and resources on fake applications and claims!

Remain Compliant

Remain Compliant

Boost your security and ensure regulatory compliance by using FTx Identity's flexible and on-demand verification solutions. We offer a comprehensive approach to verifying identities, tailored to meet your specific needs at any moment, providing peace of mind and reliability in your operations.

Stop Takeovers

Stop Takeovers

Insurance companies possess a great deal of sensitive customer data, putting them at high risk for account takeovers. We go the extra mile with our advanced features like facial recognition and liveness detection to ensure no unauthorized individuals get their hands on any personal information.

Step into the Digital Future

Step into the Digital Future

FTx Identity's got your back with KYC solutions for the insurance industry and AML compliance, all without dragging your users’ sign-up process. Our technology provides your users with a smooth sign-up experience, eliminating delays and hurdles, making customer onboarding easier while upholding top security and compliance standards.

Reduce Risks

Reduce Risks

Implementing our customized fraud detection tools can really cut down the risk for your insurance company by spotting and stopping bogus claims before they hit your bottom line. This proactive step means better security and financial stability.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

FTx Identity offers a smooth and secure identity verification process, ensuring a positive customer experience. Your insurance company can foster trust and loyalty, avoiding the frustrations of unnecessary obstacles and delays.

Dive into FTx Identity’s Digital Verification Process for Insurance Companies

FTx Identity delivers an array of features designed for fast and accurate services, enabling customer identification in mere seconds!

Digital Verification Process for Insurance Companies

Keep Up With The
Regulations Of Your

FTx Identity enhances your age verification process, easily fulfilling your legal requirements, no matter the country or business field.

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fraud poses a significant challenge within the insurance industry. Identity verification acts as a robust, dual-layered defense.

By checking someone’s identity, the company makes sure they’re dealing with a real person. This stops scammers from getting policies under fake names and then making up claims.

Despite current policies, checking someone’s identity is super important to stop criminals from making fake claims by pretending to be someone else. Adding identity checks to the claims process adds an extra layer of security.

Numerous regulations necessitate the implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, obligating businesses to verify the identities of their customers. This critical process aids in the prevention of illicit activities, including money laundering. Insurance companies, by using identity verification methods, guarantee compliance with these regulatory standards.

Insurance companies usually use a blend of technologies to ensure they’re dealing with legitimate customers.

They verify traditional documents and ask personal questions, alongside utilizing biometric methods like fingerprints and facial scans, as well as liveness detection technologies to make sure their customers are who they say they are.

Additionally, multi-factor authentication is implemented, requiring customers to provide a code from their phone on top of a password. In certain instances, insurers might also use third-party services to confirm background information.

Digital identity verification streamlines the process of account creation and access to services, offering a quick and seamless experience through a simple click or scan on a user’s phone. This convenience enhances the customer experience significantly.

Enhanced verification measures are crucial in preventing fraud and identity theft, safeguarding customers’ personal data and financial information. This critical layer of protection builds trust and ensures users feel secure when engaging with online platforms.

By simplifying the verification process, this technology eliminates unnecessary obstacles, proving particularly beneficial for individuals who might lack immediate access to traditional forms of verification documents, such as passports.

To achieve this, it’s important for them to use secure identity verification methods.

Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security beyond just passwords. This could involve anything from fingerprint scans and one-time codes to security questions.

They also partner with reputable third-party services to verify customer data against official sources like credit bureaus or government databases.

To nail this, they’ve got to use some solid identity checks. Think beyond passwords – we’re talking fingerprint scans, one-time codes, or even those security questions.

They also collaborate with reputable third-party services to cross-verify customer information against official sources like credit bureaus and government databases.