Easy Age Verification for Your Dispensary

Simplify checkout with FTx Identity’s age verification technology for dispensaries and cannabis stores. With our digital ID checking platform, you can provide a quick and seamless checkout experience without any transactional turbulence, while still adhering to all laws.

Age Verification for Your Dispensary
Dispensary Age Verification Solution

The Easiest Dispensary Age Verification Solution

Age verification for cannabis purchases can be time-consuming and deter customers from returning. However, FTx Identity’s AI-powered cannabis age verification system speeds up the process and makes compliance a breeze.

Keep Your Business Safe and Guard Your Valued Customers

With our cutting-edge technology, FTx Identity provides strong privacy protection for your customers, guaranteeing their information is secure. Additionally, our solution ensures that your cannabis store adheres to all legal requirements and regulations, offering you peace of mind and trust from your customers.

ID Scanner for Spot Fake IDs

Stop Fake IDs in Your Cannabis Business

In the cannabis industry, fake IDs are a major concern. FTx Identity provides a top-notch ID scanner for dispensaries to catch and prevent fake IDs.

Online Age Verification Made Easy

It can be difficult to sell age-restricted products online – especially in the cannabis industry! With the help of FTx Identity, though, you no longer have to worry! FTx Identity offers a solution to put your mind at ease. Customers can now verify their age by entering ID details online with selfie verification. It’s that simple!


Get Instant Verification


Documents Covered


Verified on the First Try


Languages Supported

A Multi-Faceted Verification Process

A Multi-Faceted Verification Process

The real-time verification potential to increase profits is crystal clear. Customers get to save time, and you're happy because you can make more money while offering top-notch service. Plus, customers can verify their ages quickly and easily and share their one-time QR code when they swing by for that tasty cartridge they've been craving.

Combat the Risk of Selling to Minors

Combat the Risk of Selling to Minors

FTx Identity uses modern fraud solutions to detect fraudulent practices quickly, especially phony IDs. Dispensaries risk penalties, imprisonment, or losing their licenses for mistakenly selling to minors, making cannabis age verification crucial. FTx Identity shields your cannabis shop from strict state regulations on selling age-restricted items to minors.

Watch Your Brand’s Presence Flourish

Watch Your Brand’s Presence Flourish

With FTx Identity, you can be the go-to cannabis shop with a quick and thorough verification system. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool for business success. Your reputation for speed will grow thanks to FTx Identity. Customers don’t have to dig out their ID every time they shop, making you stand out with a speedy and hassle-free checkout process.

Makes Your Sales Process Smoother with Omnichannel Validation

Makes Your Sales Process Smoother with Omnichannel Validation

No need to rely on delivery companies; customer age verification is already completed. Once a user is verified and has a profile, they can use their login information across all businesses, software, and websites on the FTx Identity platform. All the customer has to do is show a short-lived QR code or verify their identity with a one-time code sent to them to buy without needing to pull out their driver’s license.

Age Verification for the Shopper on the Go

Age Verification for the Shopper on the Go

FTx Identity is your go-to for cannabis retailers needing a strong and reliable verification solution in transactions for age-restricted goods. Our user-friendly app allows customers to quickly and easily verify themselves with the snap of their phone camera and ID document. They are verified within seconds. Easy as that!

Customer Identity Verification for Loyalty Rewards

Customer Identity Verification for Loyalty Rewards

FTx Identity assists with age and identity verification for buying cannabis products when signing up a customer for your loyalty program, reducing risks for both your customers and your business. This allows you to provide personalized, top-notch customer service.

Our User-Friendly and Cloud-Based Verification Solution Is Ideal for Cannabis Stores

FTx Identity has crafted cloud-based verification solutions that seamlessly integrate with cannabis businesses. Encrypted data stored in a secure digital vault ensures that only the end-user can access it.

Cloud-Based Identity Verification Solutions for Cannabis Stores

Keep Up With The Regulations Of Your Industry

FTx Identity enhances your age verification process, easily fulfilling your legal requirements, no matter the country or business field

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age verification technology makes sure dispensaries only sell to those of legal age. This shields businesses from big fines, license suspensions, or even shutdowns due to selling to minors. Besides spotting fake IDs, age verification technology also protects a business’s reputation. Selling to underage buyers can really harm a dispensary’s image. Age verification builds trust with customers, law enforcement, and regulators.
They make age verification smoother and more accurate for dispensaries. Scanning an ID is much faster than checking date of births manually, which reduces waiting times and provides better customer experience.

Plus, they can spot fake IDs with features like high-resolution cameras, UV light detection, checking holograms and other security features on legitimate IDs.
No federal regulations exist for online cannabis sales age verification. It falls on individual states with legalized cannabis to establish their regulations. Current regulations mainly address age verification at brick-and-mortar dispensaries, mandating ID checks and occasionally additional procedures.
To stay compliant with age verification rules, cannabis businesses should look into local regulations. This involves checking the minimum age and required ID checks. It’s key to get an age verification system that scans IDs, spots fakes, and keeps data safe.

Plus, it’s key to train staff on how to verify IDs properly and keep a good record of all checks. This helps cut down on legal risks and safeguards your reputation.