Online Document Verification: How to Do It, Benefits, and FAQs

online document verification

With a push to move business online, companies need reliable tools to verify documents in real-time on digital platforms. This could include online document verification for IDs, birth certificates, passports, and more.

Ultimately, companies and governmental agencies need these tools to perform KYC procedures, ensure compliance, and for better security. How are businesses responding?

Enter the latest document verification tools.

This form of technology is playing a significant role in business. And it is changing how companies conduct identity verification procedures online. These tools allow businesses to validate a user’s identity with high accuracy and rapid results compared to traditional methods, and they can do it from anywhere in the world.

In the future, more and more customer verifications will take place online. Businesses need to prepare and start using these tools to stay ahead of the curve.

You might be wondering: How do these tools work and what your business can do to stay current in today’s environment? This guide takes a closer look at online document verification. It explains how it works, how to use it in business, and answers common questions.

Understanding Online Document Verification Solutions

The growth of online ID verification is due to its efficiency and accuracy. Here is a quick breakdown of online document verification:

What Is It? 

Allows businesses to verify documents online (ID cards, driver’s license, passport) online or digitally.

How Does It Work? 

Upload the document on a secure platform. AI and OCR scan, analyze and extract data from the document. These tools then check the information against governmental data to ensure accuracy and prevent identity fraud.

What Tools Are Necessary? 

Document verification solutions use advanced technologies such as biometrics, optical character recognition (OCR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This process ensures the legitimacy of documents and verifies that no one has tampered with them.

Use Cases 

  • Convenience, Groceries, General Retail,
  • Age-Restricted companies (tobacco, liquor, gaming, bars, and clubs)
  • Data-Sensitive companies (finance, banking, Crypto)
  • Ecommerce

Benefits of Document Verification System Solution  

Online document scanning tools offer numerous benefits to businesses and govermental agencies. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Efficiency and Accuracy  

Traditional document verification processes are time-consuming and prone to human error. They require individuals to be physically present during document verification and wait until confirmation.

AI-based document verification tools make this process faster, more accurate and more reliable. For customers, it reduces waiting times and streamlines checkouts. However, although it is more efficient, online ID scans are more effective at detecting fraud than traditional methods.

2. Higher Security Levels  

These platforms use secure data storage. And users have access over the records. Advanced verification methods like multi-factor authentication and biometrics helps to further protect data privacy.

3. Convenient and Cost-Effective

Automated document authentication reduces operating costs. Companies need fewer employees and can reduce paper and physical file storage costs.

For the customer, the convenience of submitting documents from anywhere improves customer experiences.

4. Global Access 

Online ID verification allows individuals to verify and manage their documents from any web-connected device.

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Yes. Online document verification maintains privacy for businesses and customers. Reputable platforms employ encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive information.

Facial recognition and AI identity verification tools enhance security by confirming the ownership of submitted documents. These technologies identify the authorized owner, preventing fraud.

The process starts by uploading your document to the server. This document is cross-checked with a government database to ensure the information matches the person’s identity.

The system verifies a person’s personal information by checking it against a trusted database. It checks details such as face, phone number, marks, address, and more.

These systems can process:

  • Financial documents
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Diplomas
  • Student ID cards
  • Passports
  • Employment records

In general, an efficient system takes only a few seconds to conduct an document check.

These solutions use advanced technologies like OCR and AI. These technologies often outperform human verifications. For example, they’re more precise and can identify data forgery.

One tip: Submitted documents should be high-quality images. Poor-quality image uploads affect the verification process.

This method has worked well in various industries such as retail, online liquor stores, online shopping, banking, insurance, gaming, healthcare, and brick-and-mortar and online CBD stores.

Many industries have shifted to online document verification; hence, companies may adopt online methods in the coming years.

Also, storing sensitive documents in the cloud folder rather than physically documenting them is much easier and safer. Real-time document verification reduces resources and storage costs, and also eliminates the possibility of physical damage.

Online document verification reduces identity theft risk by confirming the document submitter’s ownership. Combining biometric recognition and AI-driven checks makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to forge or manipulate documents.

Yes, it can. The document verification system is easily integrable with any POS system. In fact, companies necessarily integrate the two solutions for a better user experience and faster service delivery.

FTx Identity’s online document verification services have changed how businesses authenticate and verify documents in the digital age. By integrating advanced technologies like OCR, biometric recognition, and AI, this process offers unparalleled efficiency and ensures customer relations

It easily integrates with Point-of-Sale software, and various industries could optimize their operations by verifying their customer’s documents. With regular upgrades, online document verification is likely to become even more sophisticated, bringing a positive attribute to smooth business operations.