Retail & Ecommerce Age Verification Made Easy

Boost your customer’s experience and win their loyalty by making the checkout faster with FTx Identity’s age verification software for websites and brick-and-mortar stores.

Retail & Ecommerce Age Verification Software
Identity Verification Process for Retail Shoppers

A Smooth Verification Process for Retail Shoppers

Our AI-driven process makes checking ages and identities a breeze for your customers, giving you peace of mind with its spot-on accuracy.

Minimize Business Risks and Protect Your Customers’ Privacy

FTx Identity’s age and identity verification software for websites safeguards your customers’ privacy. It ensures your business operates in full compliance with legal standards, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Age Verification Software for Ecommerce Shop

Protect Your Store or Ecommerce Shop from Fake IDs

Fake IDs are a big headache for both offline and online retailers. With FTx Identity’s age verification software for websites, we’re rolling out some next-level tech to spot fake documents:

The Best Identity Management Solution for Modern Retail & Ecommerce Businesses

Retailers that sell age-restricted products often have complex checkout experiences because their ID verification processes are slow and tedious. Integrating our retail age verification software simplifies that. With our ID checking platform, you can quickly verify a customer’s age and identity without needing ID documents – customers just show a QR code or receive a one-time password (OTP) to proceed.


Get Instant Verification


Documents Covered


Verified on the First Try


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Speed Up Your ID Checks at the POS

Speed Up Your ID Checks at the POS

With our real-time verification, your customers can verify themselves from anywhere and speed up the checkout. Plus, this quick and easy way to check age and identity can cut down on lines at your store and make the whole customer experience better.

Avoid Selling Age-Restricted Products to Minors

Avoid Selling Age-Restricted Products to Minors

Ecommerce stores using third-party delivery for age-restricted items could face fines, as these companies might not always check the buyer's age properly. With FTx Identity, you're covered against the hassle of state and federal laws for selling age-restricted products to minors, thanks to its knack for catching fake IDs.

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Fraud can damage your brand's reputation significantly. However, with FTx Identity, you can combat fraud through an AI-powered verification process. You and your customers can feel secure knowing personal information is protected.

Decrease Fraudulent Transactions

Decrease Fraudulent Transactions

Prevent unauthorized purchases by minors or individuals attempting to use stolen identities. Retail ID verification software serves as a crucial safeguard, protecting your business from potential financial losses and the hassle of chargebacks.

Better Compliance

Better Compliance

With FTx Identity's cutting-edge technology, your business can effortlessly adhere to regulatory requirements for selling age-restricted products. This ensures you steer clear of legal issues and potential fines while safeguarding your business from the risk of losing its license.

Enhanced Customer Protection

Enhanced Customer Protection

Ecommerce age verification software prevents underage shoppers from accessing content or products that could harm them, while safeguarding their data. This ensures the best security and confidentiality by storing data in encrypted form and allowing only the end user to access their personal profile.

Secure, Cloud-Based ID Verification Solutions for Retail and Ecommerce

Our age verification software for websites offers robust security, with data securely stored in a cloud-based digital vault. This data is encrypted, ensuring that only the end-user has access to it.

ID Verification Solutions for Retail and Ecommerce

Keep Up With The
Regulations Of Your

FTx Identity offers secure identity solutions for retail and Ecommerce, storing information in a cloud-based digital vault. Data is encrypted, accessible only by the end-user.

Fast and Easy API Integration

Utilize our user-friendly SDK to develop age-restricted software
solutions and websites and offer a unified login system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of identity and age verification technology in retail and ecommerce is huge.

Implementing this technology in a business ensures adherence to age restrictions for regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis.

Moreover, it safeguards minors from content or products that are unsuitable for their age group.

By reducing fraud and identity theft, it not only improves security but also boosts consumer confidence, creating a more secure shopping environment.

While age and identity verification come with their perks, we can’t overlook the importance of security. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Opt for solutions that boast strong encryption to keep user data safe during both transmission and storage. This step is crucial to reducing the risk of any data breaches.
  • Stick with providers known for their solid data security history. It’s worth understanding how they manage user data, including how it’s stored, used, and disposed of.
  • Make sure the verification tech follows important data privacy laws like the GDPR or CCPA to ensure the highest level of user data protection.

Selling age-restricted items to minors exposes you to fines and legal issues. Weak verification processes can be exploited by fraudsters, leading to financial losses and brand damage. Allowing young users access to inappropriate content can harm them and diminish customer trust.

Implementing robust age and identity verification measures safeguards your business and ensures a secure online environment.

Introducing age and identity checks means you’re all about responsible vibes, keeping kids safe, and following the rules. This way, you score major trust points with your customers, making them feel both secure and important. Plus, if your verification process is a breeze, you ditch the hassle. Loyal customers love feeling secure and knowing they can trust their shopping experience. It keeps them coming back and gets them talking positively about it to others.