Why You Should Switch to Contactless Age Verification Solutions

Why You Should Switch to Contactless Age Verification Solutions

The global pandemic has caused a shift towards contactless solutions in almost every industry, and age verification is no exception. By utilizing ID reading software, age or identity verification can be completed without the exchange of physical ID cards or documents. This eliminates unnecessary physical contact and expedites the age verification process, creating a more efficient and hygienic environment for staff and customers. In addition, contactless age verification technology allows for remote identification options such as facial recognition or QR code verification, adding increased flexibility. In today’s socially-distanced society, implementing a contactless age verification solution is not only convenient but essential for maintaining safety and efficiency. This blog will provide the benefits and the reasons why contactless age verification is the real game changer.

Fast Verification Process

Investing in a faster age verification solution can significantly enhance customer service and overall efficiency. When it comes to verification, speed is crucial. A slow age verification process can lead to long lines and frustrated customers, not to mention potential security risks. Thankfully, companies like FTx Identity offer QR codes and facial recognition for age verification, which can drastically improve scanning speed.

Instead of struggling through a sluggish read, their proprietary solution also allows for ID scans to take place in a few seconds. This type of technology can make all the difference in high-traffic scenarios where quick verification is essential, such as in highly crowded malls or liquor or tobacco stores during holiday seasons. FTx Identity uses an algorithm to quickly identify the ID type and locate the necessary information for capture when a customer registers with the FTx Identity app. This technology saves time and effort and can provide heightened security in verifying a person’s age or identity, depending on the requirement. As more industries look for ways to streamline their identification verification processes, age verification solutions like FTx Identity are likely to become increasingly popular and widely used.


Finding the balance between speed and accuracy is critical, which is what proficient age verification software should focus on. Moreover, contactless age verification solutions are prepared to offer just that. Whether it’s for financial transactions, medical treatments, or gaining access to a secure facility, errors in identification can lead to costly consequences. That’s where accurate age verification technology comes in. By partnering with the right software provider, businesses can experience near-perfect accuracy in verifying age or identifying individuals. Compared to manual verification processes, FTx Identity’s QR code and facial recognition solutions offer efficient and reliable results that can prevent issues related to mistaken identities.

Easy to Use

When considering a new age verification solution for your business, it’s essential to ensure it is easy to use. Look for software that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and won’t require extensive training for your employees. This allows for smoother implementation and hassle-free age or identity verification.

Face and QR code scanning technology used by FTx Identity provides an easy and hands-free way to quickly capture and verify the age from the ID documents registered by the user on their FTx Identity app, saving valuable time for your business. Choose a solution that will make this process even easier for you and your staff.

Cloud-Based for Flexibility and Security

In the age of digitalization, having a reliable cloud storage solution is crucial for any business. Regarding ID scanning and age verification, maintaining secure access to sensitive information is paramount. That’s why FTx Identity utilizes cloud storage. This ensures that data syncing happens in real-time, eliminating the need for manual information transfer and improving efficiency within the organization. Trust us to provide a secure and dependable cloud storage solution for your age and ID verification needs.

Avoiding Selling Age-Restricted Products to Minors Through a More Secured Age Verification Method

In addition to ensuring safety, FTx Identity’s age verification solutions also secure retailers from the risk of penalties or license suspension, which can happen if the retailer mistakenly sells age-restricted products like alcohol or tobacco to minors. This can help prevent underage individuals from gaining access to age-restricted locations and deter fraudulently obtained or tampered identification credentials. Businesses that require strict verification processes, such as liquor stores, bars, gambling venues, and firearm retailers, can easily adhere to compliance regulations with FTx Identity’s contactless age verification technology. In today’s climate, where the importance of safe environments is heightened, age and ID verification solutions provide a reliable way for business owners to protect both their employees and their customers. Whether it’s peace of mind for responsible alcohol sales or creating a secure workplace, FTx Identity’s age verification technology can help businesses foster safe and secure environments.


As businesses seek to streamline their processes, provide a faster and safer environment for customers, and avoid penalties or punishments, contactless age verification has become a necessary tool. But with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to find a reliable partner. That’s where FTx Identity Solutions come in. Their age verification technology (AVT), based on an AI-based multi-stage verification process, offers speed, security, and accuracy in data verification. Businesses can trust FTx Identity to provide custom age and identity verification solutions for their specific needs, enabling them to enhance the customer experience and boost efficiency in the age verification process. With FTx Identity’s help, businesses can protect their customers while saving time and money.


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