Veriff Alternatives? 3 Top Competitors to Consider

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Every year, more and more transactions move online. For businesses, the need for reliable, fast and secure online age verification has never been greater.

But here’s the problem: There are numerous digital ID solutions on the market. How can businesses choose the best one?

Veriff, a popular ID verification provider based in Estonia, has gained traction for its streamlined approach and user-friendly experience. Yet, although the platform is popular, it does have limitations.

For example, when choosing an IDV solution, you might require the ability to customize your onboarding flow or checkout. Or you may need a per-check pricing structure that’s suited for a high volume of transactions.

If this sounds true, some Veriff alternatives do it better. Which solutions should you research? This guide explores the best ID verification software you should consider instead of Veriff.

Why Consider a Veriff Alternative?

Why Consider a Veriff Alternative?

Veriff offers a fast way to check IDs digitally, and it supports ID documents from more than 230 countries. Yet businesses (like ecommerce) may not require all of the features that Veriff offers. Or they may require a pricing model that fits their needs.

Here are key reasons you might consider an alternative to Veriff:

  • Industry Specific – Veriff offers support for a wide variety of industries. Although that’s not a limitation, you may get better results with a solution designed for your industry (e.g., retail / ecommerce ID verification or if you’re selling alcohol online).
  • Limited Customization – Many users report that Veriff has a nice, streamlined flow. However, users are limited in their ability to customize this flow to best suit their business.
  • Pricing Concerns – Veriff’s pricing model is friendly to businesses that don’t perform a high # of ID checks. Veriff charges a flat-fee for verifications. This can get expensive if you have a high number of returning shoppers that need to be verified.
  • Integration Challenges – Some Veriff reviews say that integrations can be developer intensive and overly complex. A simpler solution that integrates quickly into your ecommerce checkout flow may be more effective.
  • User-Friendliness – Several Veriff reviews say the UX could be improved. This includes back-end and user interfaces. In other words, there’s a steeper learning curve with Veriff, which requires more time to learn and manage.
  • Unnecessary Features? – If you primarily need a way to verify age on a website, the advanced features in Veriff may not be necessary. A more affordable option may be the better solution.

Top Veriff Alternatives for Age Verification

Here are some leading Veriff alternatives, each with unique strengths:

FTx Identity

1. FTx Identity

FTx Identity offers a unique approach to digital ID verification, with a specific focus on ecommerce and age-restricted retail. You can use FTx Identity to perform ID checks for ecommerce transactions, for example.

However, FTx Identity offers online-to-offline verifications.

That means a brick-and-mortar chain can use FTx Identity to facilitate ID checks during ecommerce checkout. Plus, customers can use the platform to create a digital driver’s license (during checkout or on their own). Your customers can then use this mobile ID card at checkout in a brick-in-mortar location.

Here are 3 reasons to consider FTx Identity as an alternative to Veriff:

  • Retail Focus – FTx Identity is a trusted ID verification provider for age-restricted retailers. The platform is widely used for tobacco age verification (for manufacturer incentive programs), as well as for age verification for cannabis websites and shops.
  • Seamless Integration – Add FTx Identity to your website to perform age verifications for in-store pickup, delivery, or traditional ship-to-home ecommerce.
  • User-friendliness – FTx Identity offers frictionless user experiences. Most verifications take just 6 seconds, greatly simplifying onboarding and improving conversion rates.

FTx Identity Demo


FTx Identity’s pricing model is designed for businesses that process a high-volume of verifications. Businesses are charged a one-time $3.00 verification charge per customer, but then just $0.25 or $0.75 (depending on the type of customer) for each additional verification. Veriff, for example, charges a flat-rate per ID check ($1.39 per verification in regulated industries).

Flat-fee rates may be more cost-effective if you only verify a customer 1 or 2 times. But if you serve a high percentage of returning customers, it’s more economical to pay a small upfront fee, with a $0.25 fee for any subsequent verifications.


2. Onfido

Onfido is a contender in the identity verification, especially if you’re a growing platform or marketplace. The platform is user-friendly and leverages a variety of high-tech solutions. Here are 3 reasons why you might choose Onfido over Veriff:

  • Advanced AI and Facial Biometrics: Onfido boasts highly accurate facial recognition and liveness checks using AI. This is important if you require robust verification process for high-security applications.
  • Global Reach and Document Support: Onfido has global coverage and is based in the UK. Overall, the number and types of documents it supports is similar to Veriff.
  • Industry Expertise: Onfido is widely used in finance and banking as an ID verification solution. It’s best suited for industries with a high security risk. Onfido offers the ability to create custom workflows with a drop-and-drag editor.


Onfido doesn’t publically share pricing details. However, Onfido’s pricing is generally suited for large and growing platforms and requires accurate forecasting of user growth to secure the best price-per-verification.


3. Jumio

Veriff excels in user experience and speed, but for established businesses with specific needs, Jumio might be a more strategic choice. Here are 3 reasons to consider Jumio as an alternative to Veriff:

  • Focus on Document Verification and AML: Jumio specializes in in-depth document verification and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. This is ideal for businesses in high-risk industries like finance, fintech, and marketplaces, where robust compliance measures are crucial.
  • High Accuracy and Compliance Expertise: Jumio prioritizes accuracy and adheres to strict compliance standards. Their experience navigating global regulations can be invaluable for larger businesses operating internationally or needing to meet specific industry regulations.
  • Scalability for High-Volume Verification: Jumio’s platform is built to handle high volumes of verifications efficiently. This is essential for established businesses with a large customer base and frequent onboarding needs.


Jumio does not disclose pricing. However, they do offer various tiered pricing models and feature-based pricing, allowing businesses to build a plan that addresses their business needs.

Why FTx Identity is the Best Veriff Alternative

As an alternative to Veriff, FTx Identity is the best solution for small businesses based in the U.S. We’re especially suited for retail and ecommerce in age-restricted industries, like smoke shops, lottery, cannabis, and liquor stores.

We’re a solid Veriff alternative if you need:

  • Efficient pricing model. Businesses that process a high volume of verifications (e.g., high number of returning customers). Verifying customers across multiple transactions gets expensive with a flat-rate per-check cost model.
  • Rock solid age verification. Age-restricted retailers use FTx Identity to perform ID checks for ecommerce or for scan data age verification. If you need a reliable and compliant age verification platform (without all the added-cost features), we’re your choice.
  • Brick-and-mortar support. We serve ecommerce business and brick-and-mortar retailers. We’re one of the only ID verification platforms that offers an online experience that connects to in-store shopping.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Veriff offers a secure and reliable platform for ID verification. However, depending on your industry or the pricing structure you need, you might consider one of the Veriff alternatives.

If you’re based in the U.S., are a small business, and need a reliable solution for online or in-store age verification, consider FTx Identity. Our pricing model and features support small businesses and will allow you to quickly scale up your digital age verification processes.

Want to learn more? Schedule an FTx Identity demo today to learn how you can integrate age verification in your business.

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FTx Identity offers a pricing model that’s best suited for businesses that process a high volume of ID verifications. With us, your customers pay an initial verification fee, and then just $0.25 or $0.75 thereafter. With Veriff, you pay a flat fee per verification.

For businesses in a regulated industry, therefore, Veriff charges $1.39 per verification. After 3 verifications, you would have paid $4.17, while with FTx Identity, your cost would be $3.50. After 4 verifications, it would be $5.56 vs. $3.75, respectively.

FTx Identity offers advanced AI-drive identity verification. Using our platform, businesses can check a customer’s ID documents to verify age. Our platform uses technologies like document verification, facial recognition, OCR character recognition, machine learning, and selfie verification with liveness detection.

Most identity verification solutions cater to various industries. However, most do not offer a way to connect to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Generally, you should choose a platform with experience developing ID verification solutions in your industry.

Verification times can vary depending on the platform and chosen methods. Most solutions offer fast and efficient processes, often completed within minutes. Once a customer uploads data in FTx Identity, a verification can be approved in less than 10 seconds.